December 7th, 2012

Manipulations of Darkness, Color, and Elements of Surprise

'Manipulations of Darkness, Color, and Elements of Surprise highlights my most recent explorations into various methods and techniques in painting and sculpture. 

The series Manipulations of Darkness is an exploration of distortion in sculpture, focusing in on the minimalist ways to compose a sculptural object while still retaining its human form. The series Manipulations of Color aims to explore the use of color and lighting of the human body while either setting these human bodies in very bright and natural settings, or setting them in dull or minimalistic settings that each aim to contrast the unusual abstract colors used on the body. Elements of Surprise is a series of sculptures that are composed of strong, heavy, and powerful forms. Whether they highlight a moment of impact, a warlike mask, or a lion's head made entirely of iron, these sculpture highlight elements of shock that exist in opposition to our everyday lives. 

These series contrast each other neatly as Darkness and Color act as opposites in forms of manipulation while Surprise mediates these forms in its simple finish and its position relative to the other works allows for a positive flow through the exhibit.'


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